(In case anyone has realized, and is heartbroken, there haven't been any new posts lately. I just don't have a scanner!)


Violin Case Flip Book

...not loving my scanner today!

text reads:
'Words shall not be hid
nor spells be buried;
might shall not sink underground
though the mighty go.'

from the KALEVALA.


Jesse's Blog

JESSE's blog


My darling Jesse is studying foundation at csm, love her heartbeat tape


Nomad book TWO

again, the actual book is hiding in my room, so if you want to see it, you can!

Nomad book ONE

If anyone wants to see the actual book it's hiding in my room, so just ask

"Nomads" Project... WALLPAPER!

...the other colors didn't want to be uploaded..
anyway, if you wan't to feel the 'confusion' of being a nomad.. feel free to use!

the "tale of the travelling bears who didn't know how to live and the one that did" book

"Tale of the Travelling Bears who didn't know how to live and the one who did"

ps... the bear on the back cover is embroiderd.... took FOREVER.
I attempt to make a animation...





Sketchbook pages...(how do i get rid of 'underline??!' )