Christmas Fair


At the Blackheath Conservatoire, 5-10 pm, this THURSDAY! I will be selling some prints, chutney, knitted goods, Christmas cards... etc. It will be a fantastic event, with live music, childrens activitis, hot food, a raffle, and plenty of stalls.


Link To Map


As I don't have a working scanner, It's been a bit tricky keeping this platform updated! This book here is a small part a 'narrative' project. 



Lemminkäisen Äiti/The mother of lemminkäinen
The work on the left is a painting by Axel Gallen-Kallela, depicting the scene in the Kalevala (Finnish mythological epic) of Lemminkäinen's mother finding her son on the shore of the north land (death) , and about to attempt bringing him back to life. I thought the connection to monoprint (above) that I made a few days ago interesting. Possibly on some subconscious level I was trying to make a reference to this work? Or maybe there is something in the melancholy of the two women that link them together?


Image Collection

As I realize it's been a while since I last blogged, so here is a taster to my current project. I am currently working on illustrating H.P. Lovecraft's Color Out of Space, and I have developed an interest in working with the organic elements of the story, and possibly handling nature herself as a character. These photographs are part of my image collection for this project, all of which will make much more sense when paired with the drawings I have been working on, and will hopefully upload tomorrow. (That is, if I can get my scanner functioning...)


Some figure drawing

 5 Minutes Eah

Wild Blurberry and Curd Pie

The Baking Disaster.

As it has actually been since forever that I last blogged, and as I was baking I thought I would make a small tutorial on how to make a wild blueberry curd pie, as it's a really nice traditional Finnish recipe. It turns out, I've been taking pictures with a camera without a memory card most of the summer, and at the beginning of my baking, anyway, here are the last stages. (Ingrediants at bottem of post.)

Preheat oven to 200 c.
1. Measure out all the dry ingredients (except potato flour) and mix with margarine. Separate half of the mixture into a different bowl and mix in rest of base ingredients. I didn't have almond flour so I used coconut instead, have yet to find out if this was a wise move. Pour onto a baking tray.
2. Mix together curd, remaining eggs and sugar. Pour on top of base. 
 3. Mix frozen wild blueberries with potato flour. 
4. (below) Pour blueberries on top of curd! (continue below...)

Blueberries (and a cloudberry) mixed with potato flour on top of curd. 

5. Crumble rest of muru dough on top. Place pie in oven! Live updates to follow! I can surely promise a lot of drama because I have a manic depressive oven that is not very co-operative. The small orange berry in the corner is a cloudberry.

Muru- dough
7 dl flour, 80 g almond flour, 2 ts vanilla sugar, 2 ts baking soda, 2 ts baking powder, 250 g melted margarine

1/2 of the muru- dough, 1 egg, 2 dl full cream

500g curd (or maybe sour cream?) , 2 eggs, 1 1/2 dl sugar, 250 g frozen wild blueberries (or blackcurrants. This recipe won't work with store bought blueberries...)
2 tbs Potato flour (I'm sure normal flour would do the job just fine.) 


I can't tell whether this drawing is finished or not, originally the idea was to have much more detail, but I'm not so sure about this any more. I think I'm going to start working in some color, so I thought maybe it would be best to scan this in before I completely destroy it...


Sophisticated Artwork

From my checklist last night! I am now free as a bird if we only consider deadlines, as I have just handed in all of my work for my first year. Expect some exciting self directed work soon!

Calamari Union

It's not procrastinating if your holding a pen and staring at a blank piece of paper while having this movie play on the background, I promise. And even if your procrastinating this is a fantastic movie to watch.

Selvä, Frank. 

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Eva Peron

 "Shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun" 

"I will return, and be a million."

The smaller drawings for the biography brief, I hope to upload the A3 drawings as soon as I can find a scanner! These drawings are A4.


In Government

"In Goverment, one acttress is enough" -Eva Peron

I need a bigger scanner!

Strange Tales for Stranger Creatures

So I just took an hour long break from working on my project, and I decided to start yet another blog! This one will be reserved fully for comics, and will update regularly. I suppose it's more of a way for me to relax with my drawing. In any case, here is the first comic! For the rest, you will have to visit:

I plan to update this blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


'You must want! You have the right to ask! You must desire.' -Eva Peron


There is a lesson to be learnt here.

I should not be allowd on photoshop!


It is finally Spring here in Finland!

I don't have a scanner so I can't update with some drawings, so here are a few photographs instead. I can't say being in the countryside has done wonders to my sanity, or that I have developed some photo skills, but I've really enjoyed messing about with my camera today. But maybe that's because the internet connection here is really slow so logging on really required dedication. In any case, it's actually warm here in finland, and I wanted to get some pictures of the ice before it melts. So here you have the result!


'Don't Cry For Me'

Don't cry for me... Argentina.

At least not yet! I can get this project done on time!
I now have 2 hours to meet my own deadline. As a distraction,  I have started using twitter, and had some cheap Estonian champagne. Here is my twitter. 


I think the reason I am feeling so uninspired with this project is because the person I am supposed to create work about is so inspirational. It is also frustrating to work when I only have access to my sketchbook and some stationary, and don't have a place to work any more inspirational then a coffee table, though I suppose these are just excuses. It's just such a stark contrast to the glamour and energy of the person I am supposed to be working about it feels nearly insulting. But enough of this!

I need to get productive, and I have just visited Alice's blog and am inspired to write myself a 'to do' list. And if I publish this post I have to stick to my word! So here goes nothing...

By Thursday, all of the following must be accomplished:

-I must have filled at least 20 pages of my sketchbook. This will also overcome the problem of spending obsessive amounts of detail on work I am not really happy about because I am feeling apprehensive of the whole ordeal.
-I must use at least 3 distinctive different methods. Simply because it may increase my interest in the project it I break out of routine.
-From this work outline 3 things that I find interesting about my subject matter, and write them down.

And all of this will be completed on time, no doubt about it!



Society Manifesto Brief

For the last few weeks I have been working on a group project aiming to produce a series of pieces; including a small publication, website and video. Our topic was society, and our angle was to create a religion. To follow this development, we have made a blog, but I also wanted to share part of what I have done for this project.

The god I developed was 'KRAA', responsible for delivering and distributing knowledge, he is the god of transcendence.

Mould and Decay

Image found online. 


This is a photograph I took a while ago in Budapest, I just thought it the stark symmetry was very interesting.

The original image had a very hand drawn quality to it, which I enhanced with a bit of shameless editing.




And a short animation experiment to play around with the movement and structure of the costume..


The longest 30 or so seconds of my life so far.

This is not done yet! I don't have the right program to add audio, so I need to do that monday morning. I was not planning on adding backround music, but i found the perfect track. I have no idea how I feel about this project, I have been too glued to the pages of this book to see it objectively.

Version 2.


The signs of some form of obsessive personality complex.

A large portion of the work done in Part One of the course so far has been related to drawings done on site. I realized that I had hardly mentioned any of these drawing trips yet on this blog, so I figured I'd obsessively look thorugh them and post a few on the blog today...

The Hunterian.

Drawings at the Victoria and Albert.

Drawings at Shoreditch.


Drawings from the British Museum.

For drawing trip I was given the task of recording 'things that people used to hold water', and given a time limit to do 50 drawings. Though the task sounded easy, I had trouble filling the quota, as I was not used to drawing quickly. Thankfully, the museum was filled with jars and jugs of all sorts, so at least I did not have a lack of objects to draw, though this does make it clear that the only reason I could not fully complete this task was because I was not yet attuned to the speed of work expected.

The result of this task can be seen in an earlier post:



Book animation

The most recent project that we have from Camberwell is to choose something from our earlier research regarding a chosen chair, and to make a narrative piece using this element. While doing my research, I found I was most interested in the design ideology behind the making of the chair the most interesting element relating to it. The Designer, Ilmari Tapiovaara, believed in bringing warmth and organic elegance to cold, structured enviroments. Thus, my project is about the relationship between the cold urban enviroment of helsinki and warm natural form.

I realize I haven't included a picture of the chair that started all of this! So here (on the left, as you can hopefully see..) is the 'domus' chair, which was designed for Domus university Halls in Helsinki. While visiting Helsinki this chirstmas I realized that the chair was used much more then I thought- after mentioning that I was reasearching the specific chair, many people started reminicing about lecture halls or public houses that used to be furnished with this chair. I also found that the chair is used to this day- though more as a design object, furnisihng cafe's and restaurants. The chair has clearly become an icon of the era of modernist deisn in Finland, one which still continues to execute its purpose.

As part of the brief was to create a piece with a narrative structure, I decided to use a book to implement this. As we are conditioned to expect a narrative sturcture when looking at a book, the mind looks for one. The narrative that I am looking to communicate is the relationship between the urban environment and the warm organic forms, the organic forms are to move through the book, creating a sense of continuity and interacting with the flashing images of buildings. This video here is but a experiment, allowing me to see how much work I still have to do for this project. (And it's clear I still have a lot to do!)

This animation is to experiment with the use of organic forms, which I will apply to the book shown above after I have finished drawing the buildings.