Productive Procrastication


Maud! My inspiration

Cant say i really enjoyed this project (or completed photoshopping it), all I can say is that I feel a bit i'll from eating most of my materials (candy, not paint....)


Metamorphosis of Aeshna cyanea-bit of embroidery..

Love the layout of the images from this page in 'Field guide to British Moths and Caterpillars' to a nearly obsessive level...

Some embroidery! Really enjoyed this, i've never really embroidered onto fabric.
I just got 'image maker', so expect a bunch of fabrics printed with text book pages and covered in embroidered insects in the next few days...


362... finally

This is supposed to be an A1 poster, but I had a bit of trouble today trying to find someone who would A1 photocopy, as this someone does not exist, apparently. I need to take a better picture of this tomorrow and somehow get this printed before monday... In a printshop that isn't closed on sat/sun.....

Anyway, im not really sure about how I feel about this. I'm satisfied enough with the way it 'looks', as I want it to be bold, but I really don't know if this communicates to anyone other then myself..

Oh, If you don't know what im going on about, scroll down to the '362' post..


I've been busy trying to get UCAS and other fun things sorted out, so here's some worksheet stuff for the new brief, which is to 'illustrate' (?!) the meaning/significance of a word, i chose 'Ecosystem' (hah! take that IB ecosystems.. i will completely ruin the meaning of this word...)
I like the idea of having an intricate foodweb to show how no energy leaves an ecosystem, and how all energy is re-used... Im also really interesteed in making the whole final piece look like a bunch of scruffy scientist field notes and textbook pages thrown together.. but we'll see..