AGE: 19

This is also part of my summer project- I have to create A5 image communicating my age.

When I was born my uncle planted a tree outside my grandparents house. To most accurately determine the age of a tree you read the marks left by different seasons. I find I mark my mental age by thinking about the changes I go through different periods in my life (...seasons). There are 19 rings in the trunk of a tree, which is my age.

Also, I love trees!



My second summer project drawing is about my position in Family. I'm the suitcase. And my dog is the most important member of the family.

Note: My father dosn't actually have such a small head.

Also, the reason I haven't posted in a while is that im working on a top secret super commission project, that you may see in a few months time... or, may not.


Charge to be;

For the summer project we have create a series of A5 images about ourselves, showing our 'name, age, nationality, place of birth etc.'. I started off with "NAME', and started thinking about the effect our name has on our personality and actions. Would I be any different if I was named Gertrude? Are there any specific traits that other people named 'Saara' have? This is what I was thinking about when I was drawing this image.

While I was drawing, I came to the conclusion that my name had made no difference to me, it's importance I guess is more to the people who associate me with the name Saara, though in reality there is nothing about me that is determined by my name. My solution to this was empty speech bubbles.

I'm guessing this dosn't make much sense, please don't hate me! I was literally falling asleep when I did this.

Geometric solar system



There's a berry tree outside the Window of our flat, but I can't really see it well so I just sort of guess what the berries would look like closely. ALSO, i bought the first moleskin of my life yesterday, I think I'm going to be a bit obsessed.

Lost in the City

I've had a great week sitting around in an empty flat with my sister. The only 'stuff' here so far is a few futons and an American flag. We eat pizza and surf the net. its amazing!


The sketchbook Project

I just stole the idea of joining this project from one of my friends blog mappleton, and I'm obliged to mention it because think its a seriously great idea!

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

To participate, you choose a theme, they* send you a moleskin which you fill out before whatever their deadline is, send it back to them, and your moleskin is unleashed into the world. Well, at least Brooklyn. Or, a library somewhere there.

I haven't signed up yet because I'm not sure what theme I want, maybe either 'nighttime adventures', because then I could illustrate some pretty bizarre dreams I have, or 'I'm sorry I forgot you', because thats something I can relate to. But they have quite a few interesting topics so if your an obsessed sketchbooker I'm sure they'll have a good fit.

*no idea who 'they' are.
(**They haven't paid me to advertise.)

IF BY NOW YOU ARE NOT CONVINCED, I'm just going to have to let their slogan do the work for you: It's like a concert tour but with sketchbooks

(that means heaven, btw.)



Went rowing in the evening, and have now earned the reputation of 'strange village girl who sits in the middle of the lake with her camera and makes the all fish and fishermen feel uncomfortable'



Husky Rescue

Husky Rescue- Nightless Night.

I'm going to stay in the countryside for as long as can.