Back from Budapest! Right now I'm working on some collage/drawings of buildings from word done in Budapest, so meanwhile, I thought I would share the strangest conversation of my life so far with all of you...

Stranger no.1: Your shape! Is wrong! the arm, the neck, it is all wrong! (presumably he was talking about the proportions in my drawing...)
Stranger no.2: Yes! WRONG!
Me: yes, I know.
Stranger no.1.: wrong! wrong!
(this then went on for a while)
Stranger no.1: You have an beautiful eye.
Me: ... thank you.
Stranger no.1.: But arm shape is wrong!
Stranger no.2.: Yes!
...at this point stranger no.1. accidentally hit me after furiously pointing at me sketchbook...
Stranger no.1.: No problem! No problem, ok? ok?
Stranger no.2: Yes, no problem?
Stranger no.1.: NO PROBLEM!
Me: ... That's ok.
Stranger no.1. walks off.
Stranger no.2.: No problem, yes?
Stranger no.2. then pointed out his pinkie, took my hand, and made our pinkies touch, and then screamed out AHOY!!!
plucked off one of my hairs
and walked away.

So yes, I will probably delete this post first thing tomorrow morning, but I thought I should share a small experience of my trip to Budapest, and thought, why not start with the surreal.


Ilmari Tapiovaara

Finnish designer... more will be revealed about the brief that this is linked to on a later post! Also, no updates on paris work, having way too much fun on this brief...

For some bio on Ilmari ..:
link! (great blog as well...)
(this link is in Finnish, but has good examples of his design work)
another link...! (A good, quick to the point bio.)

Tapiovaara designed the 'domus' chair for a Finnish university, it was made out of reformed plywood and had a elegant design that embraced natural form. The use of wood also allowed for the stacking process to be very quiet.


The best kind of reasoning

The drawing trip scheduled for Monday was canceled, so I figured Paris was a good alternative. I can honestly say, I am refreshed and inspired, though a day late ( or two? hopefully not..) on my current brief. In any case, keep your eyes peeled for some results of the Paris trip... I would promise something interesting but I'd rather the disappointment was a surprise...

The lovely lady in this photograph lives at the Notre Damn.


Portrait at Shoreditch

The task of the day was to draw people and a point of contact around the shoreditch area. I thought that drawing people and focusing on their eye contact would be interesting, so thats exactly what I attempted to do. While I was drawing, I remembered an workshop exercise I did using an old family portrait, so I applied that structure of that image to the setting I was in.

It's also interesting how much you don't see about people when you aren't paying attention- I saw three people burst into tears within the period of 6 hours in the same cafe. This then led me to be interested in drawing portaits of people who didn't want to be seen.


A 5 minute drawing of the word ethereal.

Portrait of Kim

Here's a quick portrait of my lovely friend, Kim. Drawn at a cafe in Shoreditch using her watercolors.


History of mankind

well. actually just water. At least that was the task.

I was given the topic of how water is held, and then sent off to the museum to frantically draw everything that could do so. At first I planned to go for a comical approach of things that would accidentally hold water, but I was just completely overwhelmed by the amount of jugs and vases (,as you can probably see...). At first I cringed at the idea of working with a template, but I am happy with the result, not so much because of any technical feats but because I would have never worked this way naturally.