Whola! So here is a very experimental animation which is 'research' for my FMP, but really its me just wanting to spend 9 hours cutting up a book which was a bad read... not really! Anyway, the swan is a very mysterious character in the Finnish myth Kalevala, this animation is to look into the character of the swan.. sort of



animation experiment

This probably falls under the category of 'research' for my FMP... or at least I hope it does!


(the text is purple and blue, but you can't tell in this picture..)

you have to admit the view from my window is a bit grim!

so, smile!! xoxox


Back from Helsinki (with a update on my life)

I haven't had the chance to do some 'serious' work yet this holiday, (though I have done some doodles on gallery brochures), but that's about to end! Now that i have a sufficient amount of gallery visits and books crammed into my mind, i can start doing some kind of practical work on my FMP. Though I seem to be caught between a million (and possibly a few more) ideas and directions to go, I'm feeling optimistic. If anyone is interested in attempting to follow the progress of my FMP, I've just created a BLOG to do just this. Of course, I will be posting anything that im happy with to this blog!

(this doodle is a character from the kalevala)

Happy Easter!