I've had a horrible headache today, In a very strange way I think this sort of describes my mood?
...As I said, in a very strange way.

marker and colored pencil.

If Every Angels Terrible

The song "Terrible Angels" by Cocorosie has been playing nonstop in my room...

only when the clock stops does time come to life

only when the clock stops does time come to life. ~William Faulkner

A few pages from my little sketchbook...

blues fallin' down like hail

I've been listening to some lovely blues these last two days, the Lyrics from Robert Johnson 'hellhound' crept onto the pages of my sketchbook

this didn't really scan well, the text is a lot more legible in my sketchbook...
done using a tiny bit of every kind of paint lying around my room, and of course, the letters are cut out using a scalpel knife.

I got keep movin'
I've got to keep movin'
blues fallin' down like hail
blues fallin' down like hail
Robert Johnson

Rose Garden

I drew this flower and leaves at the park, and just painted around it in acrylic when I got back.

Greenwich Park has a stunning rose garden, I seriously recommend it. And if you want to take someone out on an incredibly cheesy date, this would be perfect.

I'm pretty happy with these leaves considering I did them right when I got back after night out! Done in pen and acrylic paint.

Drawing at Greenwich Park

Greenwich park is probably one of my favorite places in London, so I spent an evening wandering around and sketching. These two little sketches are done in charcoal.


OK I KNOW i haven't blogged in a while, But i've been working on some MAD watercolors and drawings so once I find the enthusiasm to find my camera cable you can see them...