The longest 30 or so seconds of my life so far.

This is not done yet! I don't have the right program to add audio, so I need to do that monday morning. I was not planning on adding backround music, but i found the perfect track. I have no idea how I feel about this project, I have been too glued to the pages of this book to see it objectively.

Version 2.


The signs of some form of obsessive personality complex.

A large portion of the work done in Part One of the course so far has been related to drawings done on site. I realized that I had hardly mentioned any of these drawing trips yet on this blog, so I figured I'd obsessively look thorugh them and post a few on the blog today...

The Hunterian.

Drawings at the Victoria and Albert.

Drawings at Shoreditch.


Drawings from the British Museum.

For drawing trip I was given the task of recording 'things that people used to hold water', and given a time limit to do 50 drawings. Though the task sounded easy, I had trouble filling the quota, as I was not used to drawing quickly. Thankfully, the museum was filled with jars and jugs of all sorts, so at least I did not have a lack of objects to draw, though this does make it clear that the only reason I could not fully complete this task was because I was not yet attuned to the speed of work expected.

The result of this task can be seen in an earlier post:



Book animation

The most recent project that we have from Camberwell is to choose something from our earlier research regarding a chosen chair, and to make a narrative piece using this element. While doing my research, I found I was most interested in the design ideology behind the making of the chair the most interesting element relating to it. The Designer, Ilmari Tapiovaara, believed in bringing warmth and organic elegance to cold, structured enviroments. Thus, my project is about the relationship between the cold urban enviroment of helsinki and warm natural form.

I realize I haven't included a picture of the chair that started all of this! So here (on the left, as you can hopefully see..) is the 'domus' chair, which was designed for Domus university Halls in Helsinki. While visiting Helsinki this chirstmas I realized that the chair was used much more then I thought- after mentioning that I was reasearching the specific chair, many people started reminicing about lecture halls or public houses that used to be furnished with this chair. I also found that the chair is used to this day- though more as a design object, furnisihng cafe's and restaurants. The chair has clearly become an icon of the era of modernist deisn in Finland, one which still continues to execute its purpose.

As part of the brief was to create a piece with a narrative structure, I decided to use a book to implement this. As we are conditioned to expect a narrative sturcture when looking at a book, the mind looks for one. The narrative that I am looking to communicate is the relationship between the urban environment and the warm organic forms, the organic forms are to move through the book, creating a sense of continuity and interacting with the flashing images of buildings. This video here is but a experiment, allowing me to see how much work I still have to do for this project. (And it's clear I still have a lot to do!)

This animation is to experiment with the use of organic forms, which I will apply to the book shown above after I have finished drawing the buildings.


Can anyone say overkill? No? How about malformed swan?

Because those words would suit this drawing perfectly!

Today I felt the need to do some personal work, this is partly because I want to test out how my book will look as an animation before I do more work on it, and potentially destroy it, and because I have not done much personal work in a while. Also, my new years resolution is to do 3-4 hours of drawing a day, which should already be standard procedure for an illustration student, but I feel the need to reinforce this habit on myself. So here you have the result! A swan with demented proportions and way too much going on in the feather department.

After scanning in the first image, I changed some of the color tones, printed it out, and here you have take two. I guess this proves that I'm stubborn...