There is a lesson to be learnt here.

I should not be allowd on photoshop!


It is finally Spring here in Finland!

I don't have a scanner so I can't update with some drawings, so here are a few photographs instead. I can't say being in the countryside has done wonders to my sanity, or that I have developed some photo skills, but I've really enjoyed messing about with my camera today. But maybe that's because the internet connection here is really slow so logging on really required dedication. In any case, it's actually warm here in finland, and I wanted to get some pictures of the ice before it melts. So here you have the result!


'Don't Cry For Me'

Don't cry for me... Argentina.

At least not yet! I can get this project done on time!
I now have 2 hours to meet my own deadline. As a distraction,  I have started using twitter, and had some cheap Estonian champagne. Here is my twitter. 


I think the reason I am feeling so uninspired with this project is because the person I am supposed to create work about is so inspirational. It is also frustrating to work when I only have access to my sketchbook and some stationary, and don't have a place to work any more inspirational then a coffee table, though I suppose these are just excuses. It's just such a stark contrast to the glamour and energy of the person I am supposed to be working about it feels nearly insulting. But enough of this!

I need to get productive, and I have just visited Alice's blog and am inspired to write myself a 'to do' list. And if I publish this post I have to stick to my word! So here goes nothing...

By Thursday, all of the following must be accomplished:

-I must have filled at least 20 pages of my sketchbook. This will also overcome the problem of spending obsessive amounts of detail on work I am not really happy about because I am feeling apprehensive of the whole ordeal.
-I must use at least 3 distinctive different methods. Simply because it may increase my interest in the project it I break out of routine.
-From this work outline 3 things that I find interesting about my subject matter, and write them down.

And all of this will be completed on time, no doubt about it!