my escape to New York and a list of excuses

I admit- I've been lazy, at least with blogging the past few days. I don't expect that im going to be posting the results of my FMP up here anytime soon, I need to let it gather dust for a few weeks to gain appreciation for it.

I've managed to escape to New York, and am stranded in the suburbs with a dusty old pile of books and plenty of sunshine. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a scanner or a camera cable here, so updates on any drawing won't be likely. Correction- I do have access to a scanner, but my parents are convinced that if anyone other then a technician does as much as goes near it, it will self destruct, and I really don't want to cause anymore stress for people who are seriously concerned about such a possibility.

For the last two days, I've been listening to Indochine- which isn't usually my usually cup of tea, but, I have really loved listening to a language I don't understand, and trying to guess from the music whats going on. I just finished reading "when we were orphans" By Kazuo Ishiguro. Please read this book. Its fantastic!



A little papercut lotus decoration, or whatever you want to call it, which I made for my friends birthday...

This summer I plan to finally start my etsy shop, and I would really love to start selling papercuts like this. I've gotten pretty quick with this technique now, and I love the idea of making something small that will cheer someone up. For this lotus papercut, I based my color and flower choice on katrine.. so i hope she likes it! I've really enjoyed making this small piece, because its based on and made for somebody else.If I figure out how to make commissions on etsy, I'd be able to do small personalized pieces with quotes and images that mean something to the person buying (for a very small price) the work.

(to the left is the paper that I spray painted the lotus on, check out the effect!)



river reeds

Just a little something i did a while ago that appeared from under a stack of papers, its a drawing of some river reeds with pen on tracing paper, which was a process i was pretty into at part 1 in my foundation. I'm surprised I haven't worked with more nature imagery this year, and its definitely something im going to be doing a lot this summer (such a hippy...)


now back to 'work'...emroidery! I love my course :)


tiiiiiiiny origami birds

I'm in the studio now, and my friend yoshi made these amazingly tiny origami birds, just thought i'd share them with all of you!

There both made out of a single starburst wrapper... im so impressed! :)

have yourselves a lovely tuesday! x (...and i'll get back to 'not' procrastinating.....)


Väinämöinens tears

A week ahead with this^ part of my project, but a week behind with the book that this^ is supposed to support...

BASICALLY now, what I need to do to these teardrops, is finish spray painting them, photocopy, and screenprint! And eventually (hopefully!!) I will have a lovely wallpaper with text in teardrops to go with a book, (which has yet to fully exist..).

So yes, I have started working on my book, (page 1 of 15 is complete...)

And heres a little insight into my hectic work conditions...


Bits and pieces...

Im Back online!

Right- basically, for my FMP (see fmp blog..) I have decided to work with a Finnish myth about an old man who cries, and who's tears turn into pearls. There is more to the story, but this should be explained on my other blog??? I'll have to check...

and HERE are some prints and papercuts I did to go with my idea! The text in the teardrops (because they are teardrops, not raindrops) is from the end of the myth, and is as follows:

"Gathered the tears from the Sea,
from below the clear waters,
from the top of the black mud,
to carry them to Väinös hand,
they had changed into other things;
had grown into things that are fair,
into beads they had swollen,
into pearls they had ripened,
to be the delight of Kings,
and Rulers joys forever"

I like the idea of obsessing over the tear drop shape, and repeating it over and over again. In the myth, a large amount of time is spent explaining how many tears there are, so I find repeating it the image over and over again does illustrate this quite well. Oh, and this is not the main part of my FMP, if you are wondering, it is going to be part of the wallpaper which surrounds the book which is my main part of my FMP*.

*FMP stands for 'Final Major Project', which is the last project of Foundation year..

*points if you realized the Rob Ryan influence!*

Must get back to cutting out more teardrop shapes, and avoiding cleaning my room...


excuses, excuses, excuses...

Basically, my Laptop dosn't have enough space for me to upload my recent work, (that does imply i've been busy... but I wouldn't read into that too much...). This is pretty frustrating. If theres anyone out there who is a bit more tech-savy then me, and has a solution, id love a bit of advice...