Sophisticated Artwork

From my checklist last night! I am now free as a bird if we only consider deadlines, as I have just handed in all of my work for my first year. Expect some exciting self directed work soon!

Calamari Union

It's not procrastinating if your holding a pen and staring at a blank piece of paper while having this movie play on the background, I promise. And even if your procrastinating this is a fantastic movie to watch.

Selvä, Frank. 

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Eva Peron

 "Shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun" 

"I will return, and be a million."

The smaller drawings for the biography brief, I hope to upload the A3 drawings as soon as I can find a scanner! These drawings are A4.


In Government

"In Goverment, one acttress is enough" -Eva Peron

I need a bigger scanner!

Strange Tales for Stranger Creatures

So I just took an hour long break from working on my project, and I decided to start yet another blog! This one will be reserved fully for comics, and will update regularly. I suppose it's more of a way for me to relax with my drawing. In any case, here is the first comic! For the rest, you will have to visit:

I plan to update this blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


'You must want! You have the right to ask! You must desire.' -Eva Peron