Not really feeling it!
I'm really not sure about how I feel about this outcome.... opinions??? (the one above has to be printed in a3....)

In the year 362, October 22, a mysterious fire burnt down the Temple of Apollo at Antioch (in modern day turkey)... This is actually really interesting, and I'll explain why later...

But basically, my brief is to create a a1 poster and a series of (objects??) with a print of the poster on it based on this date. I've been a bit stuck, which i can't understand because im really interested in my topic, and we've been asked to work in collage which I happen to love... But I think im on the verge of a breakthrough, (or at least I hope so!) so...

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  1. ooh!! i like the top one best!

    such a tough brief- but you know my feelings on this! haha.