362... finally

This is supposed to be an A1 poster, but I had a bit of trouble today trying to find someone who would A1 photocopy, as this someone does not exist, apparently. I need to take a better picture of this tomorrow and somehow get this printed before monday... In a printshop that isn't closed on sat/sun.....

Anyway, im not really sure about how I feel about this. I'm satisfied enough with the way it 'looks', as I want it to be bold, but I really don't know if this communicates to anyone other then myself..

Oh, If you don't know what im going on about, scroll down to the '362' post..

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  1. Come to CSM and have it printed there - we have gigantic A1 printers (who can also do metres and metres long as well).

    And yes, UAL students from every college can use facilities at any college :D