Back from Budapest! Right now I'm working on some collage/drawings of buildings from word done in Budapest, so meanwhile, I thought I would share the strangest conversation of my life so far with all of you...

Stranger no.1: Your shape! Is wrong! the arm, the neck, it is all wrong! (presumably he was talking about the proportions in my drawing...)
Stranger no.2: Yes! WRONG!
Me: yes, I know.
Stranger no.1.: wrong! wrong!
(this then went on for a while)
Stranger no.1: You have an beautiful eye.
Me: ... thank you.
Stranger no.1.: But arm shape is wrong!
Stranger no.2.: Yes!
...at this point stranger no.1. accidentally hit me after furiously pointing at me sketchbook...
Stranger no.1.: No problem! No problem, ok? ok?
Stranger no.2: Yes, no problem?
Stranger no.1.: NO PROBLEM!
Me: ... That's ok.
Stranger no.1. walks off.
Stranger no.2.: No problem, yes?
Stranger no.2. then pointed out his pinkie, took my hand, and made our pinkies touch, and then screamed out AHOY!!!
plucked off one of my hairs
and walked away.

So yes, I will probably delete this post first thing tomorrow morning, but I thought I should share a small experience of my trip to Budapest, and thought, why not start with the surreal.

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