"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." -Aristotle



Not really feeling it!
I'm really not sure about how I feel about this outcome.... opinions??? (the one above has to be printed in a3....)

In the year 362, October 22, a mysterious fire burnt down the Temple of Apollo at Antioch (in modern day turkey)... This is actually really interesting, and I'll explain why later...

But basically, my brief is to create a a1 poster and a series of (objects??) with a print of the poster on it based on this date. I've been a bit stuck, which i can't understand because im really interested in my topic, and we've been asked to work in collage which I happen to love... But I think im on the verge of a breakthrough, (or at least I hope so!) so...



Here are two prints I made in my etching workshop on Monday, based off of the drawings of the sculptures of a drawing of tash (if you scroll down, it makes a lot more sense..)


So here's a pretty interesting art related Plato quote which I had bookmarked ages ago...

"He who approaches the temple of the muses without inspiration in the belief that craftsmanship alone will suffice will remain a bungler and his presumptuous poetry will be obscured by the songs of the maniacs"

Look, another shaman drum!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

I'm not really loving my scanner right now!
Basically, this is vaguely inspired from an extract in the Kalevala where the sun and moon has gone missing, and Väinämöinen is trying to find an answer to where it has gone- so thought I'd try and show how characters in the Kalevala look for answers through trying to reach nature through magic (the shaman drum...)..... as I said, pretty vague!

This weekened we pretty much didn't have a brief so I've finally had the chance to just draw what I wanted, hence the random updates..


Shaman Drums

(from http://old.no/samidrum)

These are some old Sami Shaman drum designs, from north Finland, Russia, Sweden and Norway

If your interested, theres a pretty good Sami culture blog: saamiblog.blogspot.com

not finished yet!

This isn't finished yet! I just thought I'd show the development of this picture, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

(its staring right at you!)


This is what you get for reading up on Finnish mythology..

The 'Demon Elk' and a tree from Tuonela...

In cantos 13:30-14:32 from the kalevala, Lemminkäinen (translation=lover-boy) is promised that if he hunts down the demons elk he'll be wed to the most beautiful girl in the north, however, the demons overhear and summon a very powerful demon elk...

"Vainly, Lemminkäinen, you
go huting the Deamon's elk:
'tis a scrap of rotten wood
you'll get, and with that great grief.'

When bored... Post it!

on... a post it note!


Just watched the documentary 'Helvetica', which was surprisingly about the font Helvetica, which was surprisingly very interesting, click 'Here' to open yourself to a world of wonder...

Here's a small shocking fact for everyone: Helvetica is not an font option on blogger!


working with one of the images from the reportage task...


Is it strange that I drew the guy sitting next to Alex, but don't even know his name?
Harry, Tash, Sean, Alex

Lewis & Can


Yaz & Zunder
OK.. Emily, Denise, Tash, Kim

Some quick drawings of the inhabitants and visitors of flat 15
(This is the original image)

Some collages from a drawing exercise with Darryl from ... 1 week ago??
..the scanner wasn't very cooperative with these pictures..



Just been having a great day playing around with some paper...


So im thinking of submitting this piece for a Finnish young artists competition, its an old piece but as the topic for the competition is 'transparency', it's perfect (thematically!)

competition info here, if anyone else is interested



So here are a few of the (very nearly) 100 drawings of corners (& some people who occupy them)!

Went to a Diner while in NY- JUKEBOXES are actually the coolest things to ever be