Wild Blurberry and Curd Pie

The Baking Disaster.

As it has actually been since forever that I last blogged, and as I was baking I thought I would make a small tutorial on how to make a wild blueberry curd pie, as it's a really nice traditional Finnish recipe. It turns out, I've been taking pictures with a camera without a memory card most of the summer, and at the beginning of my baking, anyway, here are the last stages. (Ingrediants at bottem of post.)

Preheat oven to 200 c.
1. Measure out all the dry ingredients (except potato flour) and mix with margarine. Separate half of the mixture into a different bowl and mix in rest of base ingredients. I didn't have almond flour so I used coconut instead, have yet to find out if this was a wise move. Pour onto a baking tray.
2. Mix together curd, remaining eggs and sugar. Pour on top of base. 
 3. Mix frozen wild blueberries with potato flour. 
4. (below) Pour blueberries on top of curd! (continue below...)

Blueberries (and a cloudberry) mixed with potato flour on top of curd. 

5. Crumble rest of muru dough on top. Place pie in oven! Live updates to follow! I can surely promise a lot of drama because I have a manic depressive oven that is not very co-operative. The small orange berry in the corner is a cloudberry.

Muru- dough
7 dl flour, 80 g almond flour, 2 ts vanilla sugar, 2 ts baking soda, 2 ts baking powder, 250 g melted margarine

1/2 of the muru- dough, 1 egg, 2 dl full cream

500g curd (or maybe sour cream?) , 2 eggs, 1 1/2 dl sugar, 250 g frozen wild blueberries (or blackcurrants. This recipe won't work with store bought blueberries...)
2 tbs Potato flour (I'm sure normal flour would do the job just fine.) 

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