Short Animations on the 'A Brief Introduction to the Curios Movement of the Giraffe and it's Mechanics'

Introduction to Movement
Final Movement of a Giraffe, Loop on forever

Drinking Water

Mechanics and Blood Pressure
Animation explaining the blood pressure and circulatory system of a Giraffe


Giraffe's Fighting


Nuchal Ligament

For this project I chose to focus on a giraffe skeleton from the Oxford Natural History Musem. At first I concentrated my research on doing as many first had drawings as possible to get away from visual cliché's, I based the aesthetic of the GIFS on these drawings. Though the rich cultural and mythological background was tempting to work on, I decided to make my animations explain the physical movement's of the giraffe, as the mythology of the animal is behind it's extraordinary physique. Even in the fields of science, Giraffe's have a mysterious reputation. Creationist's use the giraffe as an example for the existence of god as it's physiology is so complex they believe that it could not be possible by means of 'natural selection' or 'evolution', whereas Darwin used the giraffe as a key animal to explain his theories. More recently, the theory of sexual selection has been discussed using the image of a giraffe, explaining that due to sexual preference the neck has elongated over time. The evolutionary process behind the animal has resulted in unique body mechanisms and habits. Thus, it made sense to focus on the facts behind extraordinary physical elements and movements of the giraffe as this is what is responsible for the mythology of the creature.

The audience for this is 12 years, as there seems to be a very natural curiosity at this age, thus the topic seemed appropriate. 


  1. Hey, this is really weird but I found your blog completely randomly and I only found out I know you from summer camp a few minutes ago... Oh the surprises of the Internet. Anyway, great work, I really like your style.
    Emma (from France, we met at ulkosuomalaisleiri in Majaniemi I think, don't know if you remember:)

  2. that is phenomenal. I really like the one with its heart and blood vessels :-)

  3. Hey emma!

    How strange, it's nice to hear from you, do you still go back to Finland for the summer?

    Thanks Ame