my escape to New York and a list of excuses

I admit- I've been lazy, at least with blogging the past few days. I don't expect that im going to be posting the results of my FMP up here anytime soon, I need to let it gather dust for a few weeks to gain appreciation for it.

I've managed to escape to New York, and am stranded in the suburbs with a dusty old pile of books and plenty of sunshine. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a scanner or a camera cable here, so updates on any drawing won't be likely. Correction- I do have access to a scanner, but my parents are convinced that if anyone other then a technician does as much as goes near it, it will self destruct, and I really don't want to cause anymore stress for people who are seriously concerned about such a possibility.

For the last two days, I've been listening to Indochine- which isn't usually my usually cup of tea, but, I have really loved listening to a language I don't understand, and trying to guess from the music whats going on. I just finished reading "when we were orphans" By Kazuo Ishiguro. Please read this book. Its fantastic!

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