Charge to be;

For the summer project we have create a series of A5 images about ourselves, showing our 'name, age, nationality, place of birth etc.'. I started off with "NAME', and started thinking about the effect our name has on our personality and actions. Would I be any different if I was named Gertrude? Are there any specific traits that other people named 'Saara' have? This is what I was thinking about when I was drawing this image.

While I was drawing, I came to the conclusion that my name had made no difference to me, it's importance I guess is more to the people who associate me with the name Saara, though in reality there is nothing about me that is determined by my name. My solution to this was empty speech bubbles.

I'm guessing this dosn't make much sense, please don't hate me! I was literally falling asleep when I did this.

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