The signs of some form of obsessive personality complex.

A large portion of the work done in Part One of the course so far has been related to drawings done on site. I realized that I had hardly mentioned any of these drawing trips yet on this blog, so I figured I'd obsessively look thorugh them and post a few on the blog today...

The Hunterian.

Drawings at the Victoria and Albert.

Drawings at Shoreditch.


Drawings from the British Museum.

For drawing trip I was given the task of recording 'things that people used to hold water', and given a time limit to do 50 drawings. Though the task sounded easy, I had trouble filling the quota, as I was not used to drawing quickly. Thankfully, the museum was filled with jars and jugs of all sorts, so at least I did not have a lack of objects to draw, though this does make it clear that the only reason I could not fully complete this task was because I was not yet attuned to the speed of work expected.

The result of this task can be seen in an earlier post:


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